by Chelle

I'm putting my fall reading list together as I type and will have it ready later this week. It's actually making me really excited!  

It's  been so rainy and cold and then out of no where we got this beautiful sunny day! Tori and I had been planning an apple picking adventure, mainly because I'd never been and am trying to be especially fally this year! No particular reason... just wanting to learn to enjoy each moment and stop racing ahead to what's next. So Tori and I headed to The Farm in Snohomish  


I have been in love with lens flares in photos! Joel pointed them out to me in Lost and said it's a JJ Abrams   trade mark.  (On a side note we started watching Lost when we began dating as I'd only made it to season three then stopped and it's one of Joel's favorite.  We have about 5 episodes left... and no one has spoiled the ending yet which is amazing as it's been over for years) It was the perfect day to play around with shooting in the sun and snag a few apples. I'll be honest I couldn't stop making fun of myself, being a "blogger" taking the day to "enjoy the country" when realistically we spent a total of ten minutes picking apples, we were both drenched in sweat thinking it would be a cold crisp day and having chosen wool sweaters and boots, and realizing that every city dweller had had the same idea as us. 


Anyway it was a great little adventure, I had a great time getting out of the city with Tori and getting some good chats in,  and I now have enough apples to make something yummy. I think you know what the next post will be!