La chambre d'enfant ideal

by Brittany

<<L’espace ne doit pas être trop grand. Là où nous vivons, les pièces ont de très grands volumes, sauf les chambres des enfants. Elles sont justement toutes petites, comme un cocon. Quelque chose qui n’est ni trop sophistiqué, ni trop chargé. Avec du calme, beaucoup de blanc pour laisser aller leur liberté justement à s’approprier leur lieu, à y mettre des touches de couleurs et le faire évoluer. Ils sont encore petits, alors c’est assez facile de le modeler pour l’instant. A la maison, ils ont la chance d’avoir une pièce en plus pour accumuler les jouets, le pagaille, et c’est l’idéal je trouve, car leur chambre est plutôt un lieu de repli.>>

-Aurélie of La Dans La From this interview with Milk Magazine

Translation (rough translation, bear with me please!) : The space should not be too big. Where we live, the rooms are very big, save for the children's rooms. They are just very small, like a cocoon. Various things that aren't too sophisticated, not too loaded. With a calmness, lots of white leaving it up to the children's judgement as to what is appropriate in their space. Let there be touches of color and let it evolve. They are still small, so it should be easy enough to recreate in an instant. In the house, they have another room where they accumulate their playthings and a (happy) disarray, and that is what I find ideal, that way their room is more a place of withdrawal. 

I love this! I think this blank slate idea (I know, how French of her;) for a room is beautifully important, and not just for children... adults tastes still evolve so the same principle should apply for us! When we were filling in our apartment we would find all these beautiful paintings and objects and furnishings in the alleys but none of them ended up in our room. It was unconsciously done but even when we were painting a few walls we never even brought up the bedroom. The one thing I wanted was a white blanket... and that is what we have (well, sometimes it is our ticking duvet cover but that is still a calm neutral). And white walls. And a white pendant light. We don't even have a bed frame, just a mattress on a pallet and it is perfect. So calm. I wish I could take a current picture but my poor man is sick in bed and its already dark out... but here is an older picture, you can't see the pallet cause our blankets are a bit piled but thats still in keeping with what she's talking about I think... calm comfort. We love the heaviness of blankets so come winter we just pile them higher and higher!

Side note: The map above our bed is one of my favorite maps I own because its the top of the world... how can you be sad when you are on top of the world?!