by Chelle

Hello B-


It's one of those blasted grey days, which I know you love but are so disappointing at the end of May. I think I've been missing the sunshine a lot more becuase it's MAY and the sun is no where to be seen. So while my head was full of picnics, walks, and sundresses my body prefers to be wrapped in a blanked snuggled up with Penny wearing several layers of whatever wool I can find. 

Anyway this afternoon the man and I headed to a Laundromat. We brought things we'd been meaning to on work and have sat for the past 45 minutes typing away. It's been great. Something about the smell of fabric softener and the hum of the washing machines and putting ideas on paper. 

I've been really into cook books lately. Not that I've been cooking anymore often... But now I have so many ideas and dream about things I want to cook. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (which started as this blog) goes everywhere with me and I find myself just caught up in daydreams about possibilites of what to cook next. So now I have a list for the week and after this we'll go to Top Banana and I'll get yummy fresh fruit and vegetables and it will be sooo cheap! Great news! 

I just remembered how you and I used to go to that laundromat in France. Specifically how we loved shocking all the fashionistas on our street as we'd lumber out of our apartments with our ikea laundry bags, wearing old jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops... watching their horrified expressions as we headed off for the mile treck to wash our clothes. 

Miss you my B!

photo 1.jpg

This photo is from Aix, France 2008