Le Pen

by Brittany


I'm very picky about my pens. They must be black. They must have a consistant flow. They must not bleed through too much. So yes I am describing a felt tip pen, I didn't realize that for a very long time and always tried to use ballpoints because if a ballpoint is good its wonderful...but if its bad... I used to find a pen I loved and not get rid of it till the very last drop of ink was gone. This was in my ballpoint era and a good ballpoint has no respect of person. It could end up being a hotel pen, a five cent blick or the most expensive ballpoint money can buy, but one thing is certain: a good ballpoint will never appear in the same brand twice. Its sad but true. 

Then I discovered the PaperMate Flair Mediums. They are beautiful. I absolutely love them. So you can imagine my disappointment when I went to three different stores and could not find them. Finally I was at the third store and staring at the rack of pens sans PaperMate Flair Mediums and debating whether or not I should head across the street to Target (ugh) and check there or if I should take a risk and try something new. Two things made up my mind 1. the lack of a left turn signal and my expired out of state license and 2. a pen with an opened packaging! after one stroke I decided Le Pen was Le Pen for me... I mean, its got the perfect flow and ink of PaperMate Flair Medium with the name Le Pen! How could I resist?    


So now I plan my meals with Le Pen.

P.S. Just had this little exchange:

hmmm... rethinking that plan. Well I got to run and start cookin...whatever it is I'm cooking. Rice? not sure how that's filling! He did clarify, he wants a skillet dinner. Ah.