Moving and Hot summer nights

by Chelle

Oh my goodness your posts have been lovely! Sorry for the absence we were in the midst of moving last week and I kept trying to snag a few pictures and get a post up - but alas here it is Sunday night and I'm scrolling through my phone trying to find some pictures that sum up the past week.

Well we moved. Hurra! Just from downstairs to the third floor - so still in our lovely old building. We only had one evening to move and clean the apartment as someone was moving out of the one we were moving into and someone was moving into our old one all within 48 hours. How confusing. Anyway we had a great group of friends show up and move all our stuff (oh do we love our books, boxes and boxes of them) in an hour. We then popped some champagne and spent a last evening on our little patio. We exchanged that for a fire escape and a view. Worth it in my opinion. 

The moving crew and our champagne (or beer) 

The moving crew and our champagne (or beer) 

In other news Seattle has been so hot lately - which is rather uncommon, the muggy sort of hot. This evening we had to dash out of church in the midst of the last few songs and walk through the frozen food section of our grocery store to stop the heat exhaustion from fully defeating me. Yes I do love to be dramatic. 

All that to say I love you and I miss you and I'll be writing you more and more with pictures of fire escapes, kitchen cabinets, and the usual array of everyday life from up here in Seattle (and the 3rd floor)