Instax and Stories

by Chelle

So you know how we both love stories? Well you love story stories and I love people's stories. Anyway I wanted to show you the gift Joel and I gave each other for the wedding. We both came up with the ideas separately and this was the result: 

Typically  I can’t remember conversations from yesterday and Joel can’t remember things from when we first met. The funny thing is we compensate each other and it works. He tells me people's names when I forget them and I tell him... well... I guess we'll have to wait a few more years for that to start working. 

With that in mind it's sort of funny that we ended up doing this for each other gift. Both oblivious to what the other was doing. I bought a big Moleskin and spent a few months compiling journal entries that began in 2010 that mentioned Joel. Some are really funny and some are really sad. I downloaded Disk Aid,  got all our old texts in a word document, and put favorites in the book. I included notes from Joel, pictures form dates, concert tickets and all sorts of fun memories along with a letter about how excited I was to be marrying him. It was a really fun process leading up to the wedding because it made me so excited about our story

Joel’s gift to me was a blank book, an Instax camera, film, and some Washi Masking Tape. He included a letter to me about how excited he was to be marrying me and how this book was to document all the memories we would make in the future.

I opened my gift the morning of the wedding and our awesome photographer, Andria, saw the camera and said – “hey want me to snap a few shots." She got the whole wedding day! She handed us a stack of pics as we drove off in our Uber. They were stunning.  It was so fun to see pictures from the day right away.

As we were sitting on the beach in Curaçao writing down our favorite memories from the wedding in the little book Joel gave me and decided we’d put them in the “memory book,” which I had made him


During our trip Joel carried our little instax and Tripod so we could get fun photos together all around the island. One night we ordered room service and worked on our book. I know I know this is the stuff steamy romance novels are made of right? Ha! But seriously we had a blast looking over photos from the trip, writing down memories and taking a minute to document it all so we could look back and remember. 

Andira offers instax as a part of her wedding day deal, and I think other photographers may as well. I loved getting those photos right away and am looking forward to seeing ours in a week or two! 

Anyway that's our story book from the wedding. I'll have a few more posts for you about favorite things from the day before I get back to the every day posts. Love you B! 

Bye for now