New Spring Thing

by Chelle

Dear B,

I woke up feeling not great so called in sick and went back to bed. After a morning of sleep I feel much better, but am still sticking to bed, Penny as always is a trooper and hasn't left my side. 


Anyway I realized I hadn't had a chance to tell you about my latest venture. A drawing class! I've never thought of drawing as something I could do, but I've always loved it. So I decided to take a class and see exactly what I'm working with.

They say there's a connection between being dyslexic and creative... Who knows but one of the first things my art teacher said when he introduced himself was that he's dyslexic, so of corse I like him. 

Anyway I love this class. These two pictures above are an amazing way to get people to really draw. The one on the left is done eyes open following directions. The one on the right is done following the same directions... with your eyes closed. It's quite freeing. Takes away the fear of messing up. (or whatever it is that makes you freeze when you start to draw... everyone in the class had something... messing up was mine). I normally feel so much pressure when looking at a blank piece of paper. The first line is petrifying... it determines the whole picture and if it's wrong then.... baaa eyes closed what the? I did sit stunned for a few seconds, but as soon I started drawing felt totally free... Try it and see what happens. 

This picture of good old Albert ( maybe you see a resemblance) was drawn by drawing a photo of the man upside down. And hey presto... 


We're learning our styles...  Mine tends to be scribbled and messy, which I like. I'll keep you posted on how things go. But it's been really fun to just take a class for the sake of enjoying it! 

What class would you take if you could take any?