New Years Eve

by Brittany


Two years ago on New Years Eve Jesse proposed to me in an empty house. This New Years he rented us a flat in a high rise with a beautiful rooftop view of downtown Chicago and fireworks, cause I love fire. This was the view from the bed... The place wasn't our style at all but it did make my wish for bigger brighter windows a firmer one. The lighting was so beautiful it made the most ordinary things glorious, like this unmade bed (the white bedding doesn't hurt either!


The night of we spent with our friend Marcus (most everyone else was out of town still). He had to put up with a bit of this (right: pardon the low quality phone was all we brought to the roof with us...too bitter cold for my real camera) but he also got an amazing view and whiskey and champagne and us out of the deal so I'd say he came out on top and so did we!

I hope your night was lovely and magical and hopeful as well.

Happy Twenty Thirteen! xo