New York Bills: God Help the Girl

by Brittany

I have lots of good stuff to share about our quick trip up to New York this past weekend but I wanted to share this new movie that's coming out this weekend first. We saw a bill posted for it on a post no bills construction barrier and we are so glad they disregarded it because I cannot wait to watch this movie. Jesse and I have a movie date for this Friday... just us, Stuart Murdoch and a bottle of wine. It's going to be great. Here is the trailer for you to check out. I don't know that you are as much of a Belle and Sebastian fan as I am... or even as much of a Royal Tenenbaums fan... but you still may like it, Chelle! I hate musicals, myself... but I am making an exception... so...! Also it's set in Glasgow, I think, and I just love music from there and the general Scottish region...they really just kill it every time.