Northern France

by Brittany


We stayed one night in Pierrefond while we were tagging along with the Reformation Tour that my dad was leading. This town had no significance as far as the reformation goes but it was convenient to other sites they wanted to see and it looked like a fairytale village. We also got to stay with a delightful French family that host on Airbnb so that their three children can meet people from all over the world. Giles and Gillian were supposed to stay with us and the family was so excited to have young American kids but unfortunately Gillian was too sick to be away from her mom and Giles gets lonely without Gillian (I know, they are pretty cute together). 

Below is the nave of the cathedral in Noyons, where John Calvin was born. There was a very drunk man that came in and caused a ruckus while we were there... so that was entertaining!  

I had been to Noyon before a few years ago so Jesse, Giles and I ducked into a very divey french cafe to wait out the talking bits of the tour and some torrential rain and have some coffee. The old men were very talkative and authentic seeming. So that was nice.