not trendy but healthy

by Chelle

I never liked the idea of vitamins. They seemed like a trendy fad- much like any diet that would be around for a year or two then go away. But I now see that they can be an easy addition to daily life that keep colds away! 

Last winter I had constant colds. I was nannying at the time. Being surrounded by adorable little germ covered hands is not generally conducive to ones health. My doctor suggested vitamins to battle sickness before it starts. I've been taking them regularly this fall and have had one cold. Here are a few tricks about taking vitamins - as well as which ones to take. Also check with your doctor because too much of anything- even a good thing- can be bad. 

For a long time I didn't like taking vitamins and would forget to take them. I then put them in pretty glass jars. Make them look pretty! That made me at least put them out so I would see them (they had been hidden because the jars were ugly). Then I just made them part of my routine.  I also drink a glass of water, and it makes me get the water I'm supposed to drink in a day. I take them at night while brushing my teeth. Never take them on an empty stomach- why I don't take them in the morning. Also one of the vitamins I take is the gummy type, they at least are more fun than the huge horse pill alternative. So choose one fun gummy type- generally the multi vitamin- helps. Yes I'm a five year old at heart sometimes. 

Vitamin D - In Washington everyone is vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D can be obtained by 15 minutes of sun exposure 3 times a week. So in winter, and year round in Washington, most people should take a daily supplement. 

Fish Oil- This helps with brain function and immune system support. 

B12- This helps produce red blood cells and supports nervous system health. 

Multi-vitamin- Obviously men/women have different ones. This just helps with general health.