Packing: Summer in France

by Brittany

Gillian Inspiration Board sandels.jpg

My parents and my two youngest siblings are spending the summer in France while they lead a ten day tour and spend the rest of the summer in the South of France and Bretagne where my dad is researching a new book. And my mom asked me to help her pack my seven year old sister. Its a little soon but not really if you're planning on thrifting! This combination of outfits should cover ten days with a little wiggle room in case you need to change twice in a day! They have ten days where they will not have access to laundry.

The inspiration of the board comes from a pretty blue dress that was actually a school uniform dress in Scotland. My dad brought it home for her last time he was there and it looks so so sweet on her! Its blue and white gingham with buttons down the front (I think) and sweet t-shirt length sleeves... the perfect summer dress. The polka dotted dress in the center was the closest I could find and it's not that close, but oh well! You get the idea.