Paris: part I

by Brittany

Dear Chelle, 

It has already been few weeks since we were in Paris, but here are some highlights! 

photo credit: Jesse

photo credit: Jesse

One of the best parts was meeting up with my parents and the Littles (Gillian was obviously delirious here from jet leg... we were having her and Giles run laps around this fountain while the adults sat at a cafĂ© and enjoyed some wine)! 

photo credit: Jesse

photo credit: Jesse


This visit to Paris was my favorite visit there yet. We have a very laid back way of traveling... mostly we just walk till we see something delicious then we stop and eat or drink for hours in one spot. Just watching life go by and taking pictures. Besides being chill, it is also quite affordable! We were going to go to the free night at the Louvre, but we'd both been before and it was Midsummer's Night Eve, which, it turns out, transforms all of Paris into the biggest music festival and party you'll ever see. So we decided to skip the lines and party in the streets of Montmartre with the rest of Paris. Young and old, everyone poured out into the streets and danced, sang and drank (lots of broken glass made the streets sparkle for the next few days!). Apparently, bedtime was thrown to the wind because long after dark, children ran and danced around the feet of their partying parents. It was beautiful! 

There will be a guest post from Jesse with some of his photos of the event. I love that you've revealed your man's identity here on L'Hirondelle!

On a side note, see that ice cream cup up there? Well let me tell you about that. It was very overpriced but the most delicious rhubarb sorbet. Just simple... no fancy mix of flavors... just a very very pale pink scoop of delight. 


Some lovely scraps of words and a crowd of (mostly) excellent style listening to one of the bands. I love that couple in the middlish right, the guy's baggy suit and the girl's simple hairstyle. It looks like they are pretending to be people they aren't in an endearing sort of way... mostly cause it looks like he's wearing his girlfriend's dad's suit... there's definitely a story there.  

xo, Birdie