Preparing for Job Interviews - Chelle style

by Chelle

Do you know what I don't like very much? Job interviews. Do you know what makes them a lot better? Finding just the right job-interview outfit. That makes all the difference. Then instead of spending time worrying about what questions I'll be asked or how many times I'll say um, I  think about patterns, tones, and shades of blue. I have to resist the urge to go get a new outfit. That's cheating. Also not financially a great idea at the moment. 

These days I'm a big fan of navy thanks to you! It's almost my new black. Can you tell? I like the polka dots because everyone expects a white button up - so give them something to remember (Shirt- Liz Claiborne via Good Will $3). Cardigan. H&M. $20. Serious yet charming. Worth it every time. Tie it all together with a grey pencil skirt- Banana Republic circa Urban Exchange $3. Gives the outfit a clear business tone. Voila. $26. Classy. Comfortable. Confident. 

Shoes.... Never quite sure. I have peep toe heels but those feel a little to date-esque for such a serious matter. I love these. They are brilliant, chunkier heels, patent black, and the buckles. They make for a nice bit of flaire. Sadly I borrowed them. Will be on the hunt for a pair of sensible heels with a little kick.  

Finally, I always take a manilla folder with my resume in it. It's one of the ones we bought in France, so even if I'm scared I just look at the manilla folder and think " We lived in France for a year. We were 18. We didn't die. This old interview, easy." 

It's a tough time to find jobs, and I know I'm not the only one going from interview to interview. So make it fun! 

Happy Friday!