Pyros on the Dance Floor

by Brittany

The great thing about friends falling in love is that we get to go home... a lot... Oh and also their falling in love is nice too. We have an unofficial (which means we get to break it whenever we feel like it) rule that we only attend weddings that one of us is in. So far by the end of this year, we'll have been in three weddings. Which means three trips home! These weddings were a huge factor in why we tried so hard (and succeeded) in getting to the west coast for the summer. Airfare (or bus fare as the case may be) is much cheaper from LA to Seattle than Virginia to Seattle! I am personally very very grateful to Mark and Katie for planning their wedding for the Fourth of July weekend. My Lewellen side has a rich history of extreme pyromania and I have been out of (or across) the country for the fourth for the past five plus years so Jesse has never experienced the glory of the celebration. 

The real pinnacle of our celebration was back when Jesse and I were a brand new couple (just a few days old and most of the family didn't even know he existed). That year we really out did ourselves. The party included several homemade potato cannons, many and various homemade explosives, a few odd canoes/large chunks of styrofoam carried by the tides/driftwood rafts, and enormous amounts of fireworks of questionable legality along with the normal cannon volleys and black powder. 

Below my grandparents' house/small Welsh castle is a secret cove that is invisible from the outer bay because of overlapping sand bars. It was used by rum runners during the prohibition. So we had a battle with some other people who showed up down there. We built fires on the sand bars to light our fireworks and just lobbed all we had at them. Everyone ended up soaked to the skin and no one was majorly hurt, amazingly.... Long story short, I have wanted Jesse to experience our fourths (he was actually slightly terrified by my descriptions, I think....) ever since we met. But he wasn't sure of his work schedule when he bought our airfare and was going to miss it with his non-refundable ticket. When he saw how sad I was, he bought himself a very cheap greyhound bus ticket and embarked on a 25 hour bus ride from LA to Tacoma. Mercifully, our friends Jon and Kaile (pictured above in the tower) were driving up from Vancouver, WA and picked him up in Centralia or one of those scary towns that start with C down there... He arrived only 6 hours before his 2 hour flight would have got him there and it was wonderful... for me. I think he liked it.... He is very noble. 

There was not a full on battle this year (sadly), but there was a cannon, tons of muddy trucks (compliments of my cousins and brothers), illegal fireworks, and more shotguns than there were people (almost) and clay pigeons. We played lots of pool, climbed the tower, saw lots of family and old family friends, snuggled this now one year old baby.... 

...who just wanted to look at the cow, T-bone, and the chickens... and roll in the grass giggling uncontrollably at how hard water balloons are to blow up with my Gwenna girl (a photo would have ruined it).

Then we left the peninsula behind and headed up to Seattle for such a great wedding! Jesse was a groomsman and I was the wedding decorator (Anyone need one? I love doing it!!). Mark and Katie make the best friends, so it was basically all the best people all in one spot with a bonfire and dancing and some great singing.