Flakey paint is half the charm

by Chelle

Looking around the apartment and seeing so many things to fix. But it's a rental. So out goes the to do  list and instead we redefine charm.

Charm is a key lime pie bathroom with cracks in the ceiling and blurred lines of white and green trim. Charm is a kitchen with seven coats of paint, the bottom three happen to be lead based so don't think about sanding. Charm is an old rag wrapped around a pipe that sweats. Don't worry it was designed that way to keep things cool - before that fridge was installed. Charm is etched into the wooden floorboards in thick black marks. 

Charm is a little apartment in Seattle with big windows and lots of light. Charm is a wall full of old books and a comfy corner to sit and read. Charm is chicken soup boiling on the stove while rain drops trickle down the window. And charm is drawing the curtains, turning the lights on, and listening to a fall soundtrack while we sit, and write, and plan, and be.