Rain Boots

by Chelle

Boots. Rain Boots. These are  essential to living in seattle. Otherwise you are left with that awful rained on feeling right around your ankles that generally leads to pneumonia, bronchitis, or a 9 month cold. I've invested in a pair and haven't even had a slight sniffle. This could also be due to the fact that I am finally learning to dress like someone from Seattle. That means ten million layers, rain coats galore, thick wool socks and more layers. I used to dress optimistically, thinking that by  dressing like it would be warm outside the weather would magically be warm. Crazy as it is, that never worked. Orange rain boots have made dressing for rain far more enjoyable and I highly recommend hunter rain boots to anyone who struggles with winter blues.... Tori got the matt green and they are brilliant as well. So rain boots and more of them I say! 

Disclaimer: They are an investment... as in very pricey, but worth it. They will last forever. Oh and did I mention Hunter is a British company. Makes it all worth it in the end.