Renegade Craft Fair

by Brittany

Jesse was so so kind and took me to the Renegade Craft Fair... to be honest I just wanted to go cause its famous and not something I could go to anywhere else unless we move to New York... but actually it was kind of a nightmare cause everyone else seemed to go for the same reason. There were so many people you literally could not stop to look at any of the booths, if you did you would get stampeded. End of story.


We found a little quiet corner up by the djs, who were from Reckless Records (who apparently have a shop in London as well as here in Wicker Park, so thats cool!)


This is my Agoraphobic was so horrible there! you could barely breath.


Jesse, the noble man, for braving all those weird crafters and DIYers... we run in strange circles, bloggers do!