Diamonds are Forever and Hot coffee and cozy reading corners are now

by Chelle

Hello hello! We just got back from a morning of garage sailing – making the most of it before the season ends. We’ve found some real treasures. I’ll include some snapshots below.


Part of the reason it’s taken me so long to write this post directly correlates to how long it takes me to read a book. I was so excited to compile a fall reading list to post and then realized I should read the books first before recommending them.


So with the two books below – yes it’s taken me since May to finish two books but only because I love to savor them and read them in between other things and any number of other excuses I can think of – I give you my word they are perfect fall reads. I know I read them in the summer, but I like to read melancholy books in the summer because … well I just do. But I would defiantly call these fall books.


The first one is a book you gave me for the honeymoon called Certain Women by Madeline L'Engle. I loved that book. If you look back the post  To be a Beach Babe you'll see the beautiful copy B got me. I've lent it to a friend or I'd snap a photo, but it's hard cover and bright blue and red (that's under the dust jacket). Anyway the story is just perfect. I was going to give a few hints, but really the story just pulls you in and wraps you up. So find a copy at a lovely little second hand book shop one lazy saturday morning, get a cozy blanket and some hot coffee and settle in for a delightful yet powerful read. 

This next book was recommended to me by one of Joel's old friends wives. They live in California but were in town for a wedding. We were able to squeeze in a breakfast with them just before they had to fly back. We went to Cafe Presse - where we went on our first date the second time - and sat around swapping stories, sipping coffee, and eating french fries with our various breakfast orders. It sounds so odd, but their french fries are just amazing, and go so perfectly with anything you order - even my standard chocolate croissant. 

Anyway I started talking to old friend of Joel's wife and she was fantastic. We began to talk about books and quickly discovered we had similar tastes. She recommended a long list which I look forward to finishing in the next decade - but being the methodical reader that I am I decided to start with the one about a copywriter. It's called The Engagements by  J Courtney Sullivan. It tracks the life of Frances Gerety who coined the phrase "Diamonds are forever."Here's a snippet from a New York Times article about Miss. Gerety (she never got married) 

As Ms. Gerety recalled in a 1988 interview with a co-worker, Howard Davis, she had just finished a series of ads and was headed to bed when she realized that she had forgotten to create a signature line. Exhausted, she said “Dear God, send me a line,” and scribbled something on a slip of paper. When she woke up and saw what she had written, she thought it was just O.K. A few hours later, she presented her idea at a meeting. According to her, “Nobody jumped.”


This is one of those five stories in one books - a favorite of mine. The book trails five different stories revolving around engagement rings. This is one of those good reads you can't put down and happens to be written and thoughtful! I also loved this story as Frances was a copy writer and I just really liked that.  Here is one of the older diamonds print adds.


Well I think I'll postpone my fasinating finds for another day. For now B I hope you find yourself a copy of this lovely book for the fall. Get the blue one with a hand holding a diamond on the cover- I couldn't find the amazon link but it's far prettier which makes it more fun to read!