Scuffletown to New York City

by Brittany

making: SCD bread that smells, looks and tastes like the real deal. Oh my stars. I will picnic well tonight.

seeing: sunbeams across my studio floor... and a few dust bunnies because of them. 

smelling: fresh baked bread.

tasting: cold brew coffee with creamy cashew vanilla date milk.

hearing: Belle and Sebastion

feeling: so relieved to have a kitchen again! (you couldn't tell at all from all the baking and making going on...)

reading: Feathers and Rag blog... I don't think its still current but those Canadian girls can sure write! Rebecca, if you for some odd reason happen to see this...keep writing!

loving: my kitchen again...and my studio and my new coffee shop job downtown!

anticipating: our midnight ride to NYC for the long weekend! We apparently can not stay in one place for more than one week.

The photo is from this lovely weekly event here in Richmond, Sundown in Scuffletown... every Tuesday at sundown a local singer songwriter plays a secret little show in a secret little park hidden inside an alley and everyone brings blankets and wine and tries to ignore the mosquitos. Its actually wonderful despite the type O bloodsuckers.