Seasoning and Cleaning your Cast Iron Pan

by Chelle

The thought of cast iron has been so intimidating. There seem to be so many don'ts and one false move - there goes years of seasoning. So this post is about getting over fear and just going for it. Just kidding - but seriously that's what it felt like.

So I've read numerous blogs about the best way to season cast iron pans and there seem to be quite a few "only ways," to do it. After consulting the internet, you (B), and several other domestic experts here is my "only way" to season a cast iron pan:

You will need:

Olive Oil and Coarse Sea Salt 

A hot heat (oven or a camp fire if you happen to be taking your cast iron pan out into the wilds.) 

To season the new pan pour olive oil in it and rub it in. Then place in an oven heated to 350 for an hour, or place on a camp fire and watch it for about 20 minutes. I made the second one up, but it worked just fine.

Why olive oil? I just use that in my cooking most of the time. So go with the oil of your choice (maybe research a little more, but apparently higher heat oils are better and olive oil isn't the highest but I prefer that flavor.)

To clean your pan let pour olive oil (or oil that you've chosen) into pan while still warm. Later, after it has cooled, get coarse sea salt and towel (designated to cast iron cleaning) and pour a liberal amount of slat (1/8 to 1/4 cup) and use to rag to wipe out pan. Leaving the oil to soak in awhile helps loosen up whatever contents are stubbornly sticking to the insides. 

So there you have it. Not that scary a all - and actually pretty fun and satisfying. So wherever you find yourself when you decide to season your cast iron - either at home in your kitchen or out on the trails - don't be intimidated! 

Here's a clip from our most recent camping trip. This app is amazing! Our new friend Zak made this movie of our trip: 

And here is my favorite recipe from the weekend: 

Boil pot of water with salt and olive oil

Put in desired amount of small potatoes

Boil until they are soft

Remove from heat and drain

Heat olive oil in a pan 

Smash boiled potatoes with olive oil bottle (or whatever would work)

Salt as desired

And fry over a camp fire! Sooo good!!!