by Brittany

some things i like: orange segments warmed over gas flames, or candle flames. borrowed cats from homes you babysit in... or shops, or streets. hearing music from an open window. the boy who loiter outside waiting for just you. being able to see. french movies that make you sad. cutting hair over a bathroom sink. coffee on a fire escape. mascara rivers. hole-y sweaters. skin tight jeans. the way babies love black polished nails. a deconstructed kitchen. the olive at the bottom of my martini. the shadows my kitchen lamp and candles cast. a blank wall to catch those shadows. the church yard in the middle of wall street. the crispest, coldest white wine. being alone. being with him. having a together. the way the east river smells like Puget Sound. hearing the lapping of a tugboat's wake. tugboats. barges. sailing under bridges. orange subway benches. warm olives.