She Feeds You Tea and Oranges

by Brittany

I know that everyone is annoyingly excited about fall but I feel like, as a PNWesterner I have a legitimate excuse. Especially since my last half a year has been split between Southern California and the erstwhile head of the American South. Talk about a fish out of water. Anyways, today is in the mid 60s and I am thrilled to be able to wear BLACK NYLONS again finally! Sadly the rest of the week is supposed to be back up to the 80s. But today I am reveling in nylons, tea and olives. To be honest it's a weird combination and I am still hungry so I think I should augment the diet a bit. 

So news... what do I have for you? Yesterday I got stuck in a tree. It was a very cool tree with lots of nobs... and dark gaping hollows. I climbed to the top with the nine year old girl I am nannying close behind. I naively mentioned "always being afraid of squirrels popping out of holes" and she cooly one upped me by announcing SHE's always "afraid of snakes popping out." WHAT THE _____?! ( I did not swear in front of them. I know, I was surprised too.) Why had I not thought of that???? Apparently your nanny having a surprisingly severe panic attack at the top of a tree is hilarious and she refused to back down for a long time. The four year old at the foot of the tree's laughter did not help. To say they were Delighted (capital D) is an understatement.  

The nine year old then proceeded to tell me I have no taste in music because I do not like Selena Gomez (to be honest I did not even know she sang now... I thought she was a disney channel actress??). So that's flattering. I actually had no idea how to respond to such a statement. Almost as flabbergasting as the two of them asking me last week, "What's a band?" How sad is that?? they literally did not understand the concept. We were listening to Of Monsters and Men and they asked me what her name was. I was like, " Ummm... I actually don't know but the band is...." Then they hit me with their question. I guess they just think of singers as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and (apparently.) Selena Gomez.

Needless to say, while I'm behind the wheel, they will be getting an education.

The four year old has figured out that "yummy food" is food grown ups want you to eat and she takes great delight in announcing that she hates yummy food... and good music.

Enough crazy kid news. I'm thinking of chopping/changing the style a bit my hair. Do you think you could check out my hair board and comment on the ones you like? I really like this shoulder length layered look... still kind of 70s with the bangs, you know? I also always love a good Anna Karina hair style. I usually use one of her pictures for bangs. And she's always served me well.