Something old and Something New

by Chelle in ,

I have been feeling pretty uninspired about wardrobe and clothes lately. Normally I get really excited when the seasons change. Getting to think about what will shape the next seasons wardrobe, what will be the accent color. Will I paint my nails, and if so what color.  Most of the time it's finding new ways to wear old things, but I've been drawing a blank. 

A friend studying interior design recently told me that her professor said "You're grade will include how you present yourself during class, how you dress and carry yourself." This made me laugh, thinking back to rolling out of bed at 7:55 for my 8:00 class. Apparently - appearance has no affect your French grade... interesting... Anyway that got me thinking about personal presentation, dignity, worth and how that's reflected in the way I dress. 

How you dress yourself is like painting a picture - starting with a blank canvas. You get to inspire people with your work of art. (Pretty sure I've said that before.) Anyway thinking of a canvas helped and here's what I came up with for spring: 

Colors // Cream (after conversation with B), Black, Red, Pink, and Brown with Gold accents.

1. The cream shirt is a long loose flowey piece from Target. I bought two new shirts to create my spring wardrobe. I'll look for a few other pieces (mainly shoes). 

2.The black and white scarf was a 2008 H&M purchase. I bought that in France with B. She bought one for her Mom. We both still love and wear this scarf all the time. I love the pattern and it's a great accent for any outfit. 

3. Recognize these gold bracelets B? You gave them to me as a bridesmaid gift when you got married. Love them! They're my gold accents for spring! 

4. Instant Liner, Eye Liner from Clarins. Eye liner present quite the challenge. I still haven't mastered it yet, but it's a fun new look to try. I have a pinterest board dedicated to tutorials on makeup so hopefully I can nail this look as spring progresses. 

5. Opalescence Face & Blush Powder from Clarins. I love Clarins becuase 1. They're a family owned french business 2. All their products are plant based 3. When I buy foundation I get free samples like this blush and I love it!

1. The stripy shirt is my second spring purchase. Another Target find. Flowey, stripy, and light! 

2. Brown Bag! A friend gave this to me. Her friend lived in New York in the 60's and this purse is from that era. I love everything about it! 

3. Keds! All day every day I do love these shoes so much. This is my third pair. And I just love them!

4. Pink (Zora) and Red (Myrtle) nail polish from Julep. I love the muted pink and think there will be days for that and then days for BOLD red! Julep nail polish is great! It dries fast, it's vegan (not that I would eat it) and you can get some fun colors with their Julep Box. Joel got me a three month subscription for a gift last year. It was super fun! (Of course I forgot to cancel it so got a 6 month subscription - but no ones surprised there.) 

5. MAC Lipstick (Retro Matt Ruby Woo). I was all about dupes (which are knock off brands) but a sweet friend said, "No dupes!" and bought me this lovely red! It lasts all day and doesn't dry out my lips, so she may have had a point. 

6. Love this sent from Diptyque! I've been wearing it for the last year and it makes me so happy! It's The Do Son Eau De Parfum, " Sunny, Hazy, Creamy, indolent, seductiveness," which is of course my middle name. 

7. Gold necklace from Moorea Seal. She opened a shop in down town Seattle and you would love it. Clean, Fresh, Full of light, inspiration, and beautifulness. 

 I do have a few dream items on my list. Primarily shoes. But as I still can't decide what those will be I'm happy to kick around in my keds and soak up the sun that's been hanging around Seattle on and off the past few weeks.