Coffee Sodas

by Brittany in

So our newest sublet had an unfortunate AC situation... not a situation you want to find yourself in in New York in August. As of today it is mostly fixed, but upper 90s and full humidity is a very steep challenge for the lowly window unit. An upside to the new place is that a came with a soda stream. Now I wouldn't want one of my own (I'm very partial to certain Italian green glass bottles), but it has proved very nice for combatting the heat. We've been using it in Contretto spritzes and just to drink chilled, but I recently realized it could help me start my mornings without the added sweat of hot coffee. For our migrant summer I invested in a tiny little moka pot, which I love, I know it does not make the most sophisticated coffee but it brings very fond memories of Italy and France and makes a solidly respectable, albeit small, cup of coffee. Now I should mention that our freezer mysteriously cannot seem to freeze water in less than 72 hours. So our ice cubes are precious... simply stirring my hot coffee in ice was not an option (I know I could just make coldbrew but I stupidly told Jesse that we wouldn't want to haul around our burr grinder for the summer so variable grinds are not an option currently). That's where the soda comes in. 

How to: squirt honey into bottom of glass (I don't need to tell you exact amounts, guys, you're big kids and can figure it out for yourselves); pour coffee into glass; stir honey into it; stir about with one cube of ice (or two if you are so lucky to have a freezer that...freezes); fill rest with soda and one more cube. You're welcome.