Strappy Heels & Floppy Hats

by Brittany

1. Black floppy hat: I've been looking for this hat for months now. I had just tried on a gorgeous Rag & Bone one that cost $175... it was beautiful and made me determined not to settle. So you can imagine how excited I was to leave that shop and walk one block to goodwill and this made in Amsterdam hat for $1.99! Plus I found the two other items I'd been looking for for months... all in a ten minute check! (I can't be the only one that goes to Goodwill at least once a week, right? Good. I mean, the 50% off tags change each week and they get new stuff everyday....).

2. Buttery soft worn-in leather jacket: two weeks ago I found a high end vegan leather jacket at the same goodwill and it was on the 5.99 rack and it fit perfectly so I was like, "Its 5.99... I could get this and still look for a real leather one." But once I got the the check out the cashier took one look at it and said she needed to do a price check. I told her politely that it was on the 5.99 rack with all the other jackets. But she was like, "but this is really nice..." I was like.... "ya! that's the point of thrifting!!!!!" (obviously in my head) Anyways... her boss raised it to 9.99 which was more than even the full on coats are! So I refused to buy it. And then I find this one!! Real leather and only 4.99!!!! Thrilled is an understatement. 

3. Strappy heels: again...I've been looking for the perfect strappy black heel for summer evenings! These are just lovely. 

4. The perfect white teacup: I think the title sums this one up... another thrifting find!

5. Almond oil: organic, gluten free lotions are hard to come by (not to mention ridiculously expensive) and when you spend two to three days in the ocean you absolutely must use something! So I took a cue from our friend Tori and got some sweet almond oil and a pretty amber dropper... I absolutely love it!! and a 4 oz bottle from Whole Foods goes a long way and is only $4.49. I've been using oil as a face moisturizer for a while now and its so much better than lotion! Absorbs fast and doesn't sit on top of your skin. The almond oil makes your limbs just glow! And reflect the sun with out feeling the least bit sticky (I was afraid of this as I am very sensitive to that dreadful feeling.... I won't even eat an orange if I don't have access to a sink). Plus, doesn't it just look so simple and elegant with that gorgeous amber glass?!

6. Morning Journey by James Hilton: another stellar British book... parts of it take place in Hollywood! On the very street my favorite coffee shop is on! And in the neighborhood we will be living in July and August! Also this book gave me a new appreciation for the job of directors (aside from Wes Anderson, I never gave them too much thought...there are a few others I know and like but they tend to be invisible artists).

This quote sums up Los Angeles nicely:

Once he had been stranded in Los Angeles for a few hours he had been curious enough to ask a taximan to drive him around Hollywood, but the expedition had covered such dreary territory that he could only (in fairness to such a world famous name) conclude the driver must have lost his way.

James Hilton, Morning Journey

To be fair, there are a lot of enjoyable things here but they are so far from each other that it is nearly impossible to remember you like LA while driving through it. And he is spot on about Hollywood itself... so far as I have seen. Although, like him, I keep thinking I must be just a block off or something. Unbelievably ugly!