Studio Light

by Brittany


1. wine by day and foraged rosemary 2. late night crane folding (we aren't really crazy winos, it's just so picturesque!) 3. unhung pictures and maps that look just as beautiful rolled as hung. 4.  crane, obviously. 5. enjoying our spot of roof on a Saturday afternoon. Jesse has decided that the New Yorker is like reading NPR. 6. Making a crane screen to hang in front of our loft bed... so everyone in the hospital across the street won't watch us sleep, among other things. The one downside of all our light and windows is the fishbowlness of it all!

We are happy to announce new and exciting things in store for L'Hirondelle Rouge (I know we say this a lot but hopefully it will stick this time)! We officially have a posting schedule and assignments and some giveaways in the works. So get ready to comment lots more and you will be rewarded!

But seriously, we'd love to hear from our readers... we know you're out there but we rarely ever hear from any of you! So, please, go ahead and introduce yourself! 

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