Stuffing, Eggs and a Sausage or Two

by Brittany in


I love when a meal just seems to build itself... Jesse and I had just gotten home from a round about garage sale-ing walk home from our Saturday morning coffee and we were famished. I opened the fridge and pulled my mushrooms and started chopping them without much plan at all and this is what became of it!

A good handful of mushrooms, coarsely chopped

1 teaspoon (generous) of smoked salish salt

1 teaspoon of freshly zested ginger

the top of a fennel bulb (leafy bits included) chopped

A whole apple, coarsely chopped

A dash of nutmeg

Shaved Pecorino Romano

A good handful of currants

A splash of red wine

A quarter of a jalepeño, finely chopped

Sautee all these toether slowly in a cast iron skillet adding oil as needed so it creates a sauce-y feel.

Two sausages ( I used Trader Joe's pesto chicken sausage) 

Two eggs

Two or three bread heels

Meanwhile, make a generous bed of lettuce on two plates (one on each plate). Also meanwhile, cut two sausages open down the middle like hot dog buns and place them in a pan. In that same pan put two or three heels of bread covered in oil and sprinkled with salt (normal sea salt is fine or the yummy smoked stuff! just remember there already is some in the skillet). Put this pan (the one with sausage and bread) under your broiler. Check them regularly... we want the sausage to be nicely browned (I like a little charring even) but the bread should only be golden so pull it out sooner. Then coarsely chop the bread into crouton like squares. dump them into the sautéing deliciousness... they will soak up the juiciness of all the veggies and wine and oils until it is almost caramelized.  Ok now you spoon the sauteed part (I guess it's stuffing essentially!) onto the lettuce. Then place the sausages on top of that. Finally you fry two eggs sunny side up in the recently vacated skillet. Make sure the yolk is nice and oozy... it, combined with your sauteed stuffing is going to make the best dressing ever! You then place the egg on top of the sausage!