Summer in the City | 4th of July Weekend

by Chelle

lhirondelle rouge

There are many things I love about Joel. One of them is how we spent 4th of July weekend. There had been grand plans of a road trip adventure. We'd ordered film for the instax (which means business), decided what to pack, and then the truck broke. 

Joel's first reactions was, "Let's have a staycation and enjoy all the things we love about Seattle, while no one is here." People tend to leave the city for the 4th of July. So that is what we did. And we didn't waste the instax! Not for a minute. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend:

We spent Friday morning and afternoon lounging in the sun at Greenlake with Callie and Ben. Callie and I floated to the center of the lake on our trusty old $2 target inner tubes. 

lhirondelle rouge

Gina and Jeremiah joined the crew to see a movie (Inside Out, which you should see! You would love it!) and then we had dinner at Local 360. This is a fun place, all local, you know very Seattle! But the food is amazing! 

Joel had found a room for the two of us at a hotel with a pool, so the six of us headed back and lounged in the pool until late, then the others headed home. 

lhirondelle rouge

We woke up and headed out for breakfast at Odd Fellows. On the way we stopped at Cafe Senso  which is right by my old office. The owner was manning the shop as it was the 4th and he wanted his staff to have a fun day off. His name was Mario! He made us the best iced coffees and sent us on our way with warmed up pastries on the house. 

We've been getting brunch at Oddfellows a lot lately. Mainly because we get two things and split them and it's so yummy and cheap and gluten free! They were featuring a drink called Paradise Lost. Gin, Lillet, Grapefruit, and a housemade elixir. It was so yummy! 


So the weekend was lovely. And we avoided the large crowds and loud noises. On 4th of July evening ( I don't know what else to call it) we watched a movie with some friends, then dashed home to reassure Penny the cat that the world was not ending. She was, in fact, fine. She happily snuggled in Joel's arms and we watched the fire works from our window. So it was overall a lovely weekend, though plans went totally as we hadn't planned. Which they are prone to do.