That time we went to San Francisco

by Chelle

Well Christmas break was fantastic.  The day after Christmas I hoped on a plane down to Sacramento and had a great time with the man getting to know his family. There was lots of food, cooking, sleeping in, board games, and meeting Joel's California friends. While we were there we took a day trip to San Francisco. Here's how the day went:


I love traveling with Joel. We find the best coffee shops, go into book shops, find treasures in antique shops, and just walk and walk . While in San Francisco we did a lot of walking- which is the best way to get the feel of a city- especially since we only had two hours. 


We found some beautiful steps to walk down, and saw Alcatraz in the distance. San Francisco reminds me of Marseilles, it could just be the Ch√Ęteau d'If / Alcatraz connection- two island prisons. 


 You know that windey street that is in all the movies. The street in San Francisco. Well it's called Lombard Street and yep, we were super touristy and waited in line to drive down it- because Joel could tell I really wanted to even though I knew it was silly. This was the best shot I got. I kept thinking of the poor people who live on that street and what it's like to park in the evening. I bet it adds an extra 20 minutes to their commute at least. 


To finish off break we road-tripped home with Joel's new truck. We left at 2pm and got in at 4am. I stayed awake the whole time. We talked for a good 8 hours and then listened to Brian Reagan on Pandora- It's a pretty great comedy station and a good way to stay awake as you keep laughing right when you're about to fall asleep. 

And now I'm back!