The Ad-man & the Psychopath

by Brittany in

Roasted Strawberry Basil Popsicle

1 can full fat coconut milk

2 good handfuls strawberries

4-5 basil leaves

1 tablespoon honey

1 splash gin

Wash and arrange strawberries flat on roasting pan. If necessary, chop in halves or quarters, but the larger they are the prettier they'll look frozen! Place in oven at 350 for 15 min or until they start to sizzle and brown in places (your kitchen will smell heavenly!). Meanwhile, chop the basil very finely and combine with all liquids. Once strawberries are roasted add to liquid and pour into popsicle mold and freeze in the back-most corner of freezer. I got four full size popsicles and three minis out of this. 

Ok Chelley! Now that your popsicles are freezing, how about a little personality discussion?! I have always hated taking personality tests...particularly with Jesse because every single time I would get an utter psychopath as a result (no joke... the lists of notable people with similar personalities were filled with dictators, murderers and general n'er do gooders) and Jesse would get these glowing results saying he was the life of every party, friend to everyone, leader, sensitive, sexy, etc.... anything good and complimentary, he got it. In all fairness, I am a bit crazy (and I hadn't found out about my special mutation back then...more on that later) and Jesse IS completely charming and the life of MY party (hence why I married the guy...) but I'm hardly "Sid Vicious"(-Tom)!

So yesterday, in some downtime, I took this version of the Meyers Brigg again and, while I do still share personality types with a handful of Nazis and Nero, the result was much, much more accurate!! It was such a relief to discover that there actually is a good side to me!

So last night we ate popsicles and Jesse took the quiz, too, and we poured over our results together... it was so fun and hilarious and sweet. Turns out Jesse and I have both changed quite a bit in our results... and yes, Jesse's notable mates did not include any Nazis or Dictators but mine had Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Coppola and Bob Dylan. So I was happy. Also it turns out over the past few years our personalities have become more and more similar! Mine is ISFP and his is ESFP! He used to be ENFJ (I know.... only one letter is the same!  Apparently SPs are "Explorers" which seems spot on, given how much we travel and move around and haunt the alleyways of cities! Also it explained our mutual dislike of philosophical discussions! A lot of people thought/think we are a frivolous couple but we talk about what comes up in private and simply don't desire to or see the need to discuss it further!  I love how personalities change and grow and mesh together with the ones we love! Here is something Jesse said about it that I liked:

"When people take tests like this, a lot of times they feel like it's telling them who they are--that it provides a rationalization for remaining certain ways. But that's wrong. We aren't born with a firm personality. Our results are the outcome of answers to questions that we provide based on who we are right now. The personality it tells us we have is something we can observe the bad and good in, and then make efforts to change. I used to be far more concerned with what people thought of me and with being a leader to everyone around me all the time. I care less about that now, so my answers produced a personality type that cares less about it. How sad would it have been if I spent my whole life thinking that was my personality, so that's how I had to stay? To be honest, it was mostly just annoying."

A bit more on mine, I really hope you read it, Chelle, cause it's eery how right it is! Things like, "ISFPs live completely in the present...refusing to prepare extensive plans for the future"! That cracked me up in terms of our friendship, and warmed my heart in terms of Jesse and my's relationship! It got the artistic, sensitivity to aesthetics, the unpredictability, the risk taking (remember my breaking into abandoned houses stage?!) and the coldness to people while still being wildly passionate all right! And a lot of the weaknesses were right too.... ha!

Anyways, you and Joel should make an evening date of this, if you haven't already! I can't wait to hear what you (both) are and see the friendship stuff! 

xo, B

p.s. our friend Ryan came up with that title for us: the ad-man & the psychopath... I kind of adore it! Thanks Ryan!