The Amazing Andria and our Engagement photos

by Chelle


"I shoot with you as if we are old friends and we will be by the end of our session. I want to display your quirks, personality, and true self. We will laugh, play, giggle, scream and create an experience. this is about stories, it’s not just about pictures." - Andria Lindquist 

Here's a preview from our engagement shoot last month. We are working with Andria Lindquist and she is amazing! I can't wait for you to meet her, she's one of those people you instantly love. 

Joel and I decided to take our photos in Ballard as that is a place we love and spend most of our time. We met up with Andria at Fiore then set off, stopping here and there she snapped pictures, directing, laughing, chatting and making us feel at ease. It was freezing! But the lighting was just right! I love everything about how these photos turned out from the colors to the tiny smile lines around Joel's eyes. I love that you can see how giggly Joel is ! 

Love ya B