The Cream for Your Coffee

by Brittany in

I am so happy you are eating FODMAP now! I really think it will help.... but I also feel sorry for you because it sucks and the few months I was doing it full on a few years ago were some of my hungriest months. And I have many hungry months! This creamer recipe is a reward for you...and hopefully, will make all this a bit easier on you. 


Cashew Creamer (FODMAP, SCD, Vegan, etc...)

1 cup of raw cashews

3 dates torn into bits (I use this because I can't have maple syrup or sugar of any form on the SCD diet but you can use a splash or two of maple syrup... or skip entirely... I never used to use any sweetener and it was great!)

1 splash of vanilla (Whole Foods has an organic sugar free one that is quite cheap)

Dump everything into any old blender (I refuse to join the vita-mix camp...overrated! In my opinion you shouldn't need fancy appliances to eat healthily) and blend for about 5 minutes. The time depends on the power of your blender and the amount of cashew pulp you would like left over. After it looks good and smooth you pour it through a nut milk sack (add it on to your next prime order!) and into a jar! There will be between a half cup and a cup of pulp left in your nut milk sack... I put that in a smaller jar and keep it in the fridge to bake my SCD bread with later (I'll post that recipe soon!). I Recommend having Joel brew some coffee while you are making the milk and pour it straight in. The first cup is the best because it's so frothy from the blender!