The little star that...

by Chelle


Hello B! We are getting so excited for Christmas here in our cozy apartment. We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving just down the street at Top Banana. I greatly admire those individuals who tromp out into the wilderness, all bundled up toting their own axe, to find just the right tree - but I enjoy the safety of a tree lot, complete with helpful men to assist me in  finding the most aromaticly Christmasy smelling tree around. We found this gem - a grand fir. It has a delightful citrusy pine sort of smell. There are little bubbles of sap on the trunk and if you press on them every few days they release the most wonderful smell that fills up the apartment for the whole day. 

After a few discussions Joel and I decided we'd like to use a star as our tree topper - rather than an angel. It's a pretty big decision if you think about it. I mean I grew up with an angel on our tree. But we both liked the star so I decided to make one. 

Here you have the results. I am too embarrassed of this little starts "how to" process to create a guide. I'll just say wire, wire cutters, and 5 minutes resulted in this little droopy creation. I was set to keep working to create a masteripieve but when I went to toss this "practice" star away I couldn't help thinking " The little star that couldn't." And that made me sad. And then it made me think, "Well technically we are all little stars that can't at some point," and then I kept going down a long winding trail of symbolic thought which I am still in the midst of. But all that to say sometimes I'm a little star that can't and I don't want to just be tossed out in the rubbish. So here you have our little start that couldn't proudly adorning the top of our tree.