There ya have it!

by Chelle

B!!! I didn't realize I haven't even had a chance to tell you how it happened! Sunday was our ten month anniversary. So Joel took me to Lighthouse and then The Fat Hen - my favorite breakfast place. We sat and chatted and Joel was so funny! I thought something might be up. We got in the car and I didn't ask any questions as we drove to our favorite Seattle park. We got out and sat on the bench and I gave Joel his 10 month present- this book which is pretty funny in light of the rest of the events. He then handed me an envelope which was a lovely letter celebrating 10 months. He then read something he'd written 2 years ago. It was a prayer for his future family. This was before we were dating. It was beautiful! He then kept talking. Later he explained that he had a feeling I knew what was coming next... and so he tried to draw it out as long as possible. He suddenly got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me." I said yes. Then I started laughing, par usual, and couldn't stop. After a few seconds of this he said, "would you like to see your ring?" and he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger.

The only specifics about what I would like for a ring were "something old." And he exceeded all expectations. The ring is a set of 7 small diamonds. They were found in a river in Europe in the 1860's. The ring is an antique european cut. The diamonds were cut by candlelight using other diamonds. It sparkles in dim light and refracts rainbows! 

We then went to my parents and told them in between a flurry of texts and such. Then that evening we had people over to Joel's to celebrate! It was the perfect day! He even planned the proposal so that I'd be able to show you the ring when I see you in TWO DAYS!!


A side note to my beloved cynics: I was one of you...I considered deleting my facebook account bi-monthly due to my grinch like reaction to each engagement, wedding, and birth notification I received. I know, awful! To be completely honest last year around this time I was broke, jobless, single, sick, and a bit less hopeful than desirable. It's a year later and things look quite different.  My dear sweet cynics... believe me I've had my dark days and I know more will come, but at the moment I am so excited, joyful, and happy and it just feels wonderful. And I'm going to enjoy every second of it! I hope you get a bit of that soon and when you do I hope you soak it up. In the mean time try not to be irritated with the flurry of engagements that'll be sure to flood your walls over christmas... pretend to be excited for your friends, and it might just turn into real joy! I can't make the empty promise that your time will come, but I most certainly hope it does!