They Make Me Feel I'm Falling Down

by Brittany in

making: a pretty terrible little painting

seeing: a giant pile of laundry

smelling: nothing, in a good way

tasting: burnt toast and tea (sure sign of Jesse not making my breakfast...he never burns it)

hearing: Dead Hearts by Stars... on repeat... so it's about the 57th time I've heard it this morning alone. And I still love it. I also may spontaneously say things like, " They had lights inside their eyes.... They were kids that I once knew." Jesse is utterly horrified. "It's hard to know they're out there..."

reading: The Diaries of Jane Somers by Doris Lessing... I am also stuck on her. For now, all other authors pale and none will do but her.

loving: having Fridays off... except I don't today. But in theory it's great. 

watching: The Americans is back!!!!!! So that's the most exciting. Also Broad City. And for the long cold nights we are currently plowing through It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I just love how awful they all are and that the actual actors have this complicated web of being married to each other.... I mean, that is the sweetest dream in all the world, isn't it? Working side by side with your best friend who is also your spouse? So if you think about it that way... it's the perfect Valentine's Day show. But in no other way is that true.

anticipating: our reconnaissance trip to New York next month.... Jesse will be meeting with ad people and I will be chilling (physically and the other meaning) and we also have a complicated schedule of churches to visit. So that will be busy and exciting and cold. We went for a night walk the other day and it was just barely down to the 20s and I was a chattering mess. We are losing our Chicago edge. But we will get it back.


So we got a fancy new camera for our Christmas present to each other and I am, of course, having technical troubles with getting the photos off it. So I was digging around for photos for this post... and found these... equally realistic but hilariously Even when we are stonewalling each other with our stupid phones we are evidently in love. So that's comforting.

And I want to leave you with Endre Penovác's work that was featured on This Is Colossal this week.