Throwing a Great Gatsby Party Part 2: The Party

by Chelle

Thinking about throwing a Gatsby get together. With the clinking glasses, jazzy notes lingering in the background and the humm of excited conversations it's easy to be transposrted back to the 1920's sipping Gin waiting for Gatsby to arrive. Here are some thoughts from my most recent endevor.

The Gatsby Party

Send out the invatations at least three weeks in advance. This gives people time to find their costume. Tori wrote about 1920's garb which may come in handy when putting your outfit together. I am always a bit hestiant about themed parties, but people love it - and as you can see from the photo booth they went all out! Also choose a theme. We went with gold and creme. During the weeks leading up to the party I found gold plates and napkins (I chose paper but you don't have to), good will offers a great selection of cheap fun glasses, but I went with disposable champagne flutes and martini glasses work like a charm. Delegate! Delgate music, food, drinks, decorations!

“I had taken two finger-bowls of champagne, and the scene had changed before my eyes into something significant, elemental, and profound.” - Nick, The Great Gatsby

Simplicty is a life saver. Choose three drinks to do well, have the garnishes prepared and little recepie cards set out that allow guest to mix their own. You can also ask friends to bring the fixings as it can be a little pricy. These three are simple cocktails from the 1920's.

The Martini is made with ¾ gin and ¼ vermouth and garnished with an olive

The Manhattan – a mix of ¾ American whisky, ¼ Italian vermouth and bitters

Gin and Tonic - 1/4 Gin, 3/4 tonic water, lime

Oh and of course have champagne, it's a crowd pleaser and makes several apperances in the novel.

 Food. Deviled eggs, waldorf salad, shrimp cocktails and coconut maccarroons were littered over google seraches of 1920's eara food. I decided to do a less themed appatizer table. There was a lovely coconute lemon cake made by our friend Kristin of The Broken Bread. There were cold cuts, cheese plates, fresh fruit, a delicios vegtable platter from our friend Kasey at Well of Health, and some yummy gluten free cupcakes.

 Activites. I loved having the self serve bar. People enjoy making their drinks and making drinks for friends. Music is also very important. Ben, Tori's husband, found a great station here. The music of course changed through the night and we finsihed with a massive dance party! There was also photo booth. If you aren't comfortable with a camera ask your friends. All you need is a tripod, camera, flash and neutral wall or background. Props can be fun, but everyone already had their costume. With food, music, drinks, and a good crowd the evening will be a sucess.

Here are the results of our photo booth