To be a Beach Babe

by Brittany

1. Pack a few books... you never know which one will actually capture your brain and be the perfect book to laze about with. I've included a longer meanderingly beautiful tale of people (Certain Women) and a surprisingly good gothic mystery story (Rebecca) from back when books had potential to be boring... to be clear, this one is not boring. It's delightfully, shiveringly, enthralling. (The Alfred Hitchcock movie based on Rebecca is top notch as well!)

2. Cremo Cream shaving cream: I've just discovered this myself... apparently I cut my legs a few too many times so Jesse researched and bought this for me. While it's not quite as amazing as they say (that is probably due to my own shaving methods... blood always flows.) I have nothing but praise for it aesthetically! I mean, look at it! So classy... also I got the men's version cause I liked the red better than the pink. It doesn't smell like cologne, it's a light citrus bergamot scent. Anyways! You will want silky smooth legs for laying out and swimming with so this is a must.

3. Rosewater: it is probably the most enjoyable feeling to mist your entire face and neck with this and breath deeply. The perfect refresher after a hot afternoon on the beach. Just mist your face, breath deep then gently wipe away the salt and you will be ready for your equally hot date. (p.s. don't get this for yourself... I come bearing gifts)!

4. Hippie Sunscreen: cause they tell me sunscreen gives cancer and so does sun... so let's turn to the hippies!

5. RMS Lip2Cheek: this just may be as good as they say it is! Plus it's dual purpose, which is always a bonus when packing! And it's very light and not at all cake-y on the lips... the better to kiss with. The pigment is not at all light so a little goes a long ways, which is nice considering the price tag!

6. Lavender Oil: to repel mosquitos and whatever other nasty sting-y things may be down there!

7. Sunglasses: well, this is a bit obvious... but they needed to be there to balance out the photo!