To Honeymoon in the Tropics

by Chelle

Dear B-

We've been back for about two weeks and tonight is the first night I've had a minute to look through some photos and think of where to start. We had so much fun! There will be more to come about the island itself  and I'm holding off of the wedding posts until I have get the photos from Andira- but as for the honeymoon part - what a fantastic invention. It was so much fun to get to spend uninterrupted with this handsome fellow on this little island. Some of my favorite parts were trips to the grocery store to get the ingredients for beach picnics,  heading out in our little car for a day of driving and finding hidden beaches, card games, sitting in the sun reading our books, staying up late, waking up even later, and getting to spend time with this dreamy man. 

Thanks so much for all your help during the wedding season! It was such a fun week leading up to the wedding and then just a perfect day and I can't wait to write more! 

Love you! 

1. Joel in our car navigating our way around the island 2. Matching keds 3. The rain in the heat was magical 3. We payed $7 for this deck and they were worth every cent 4. The man in stripes 5. Sunset in black and white