To Wed: Part 1

by Chelle

Hello B!

Oh my goodness I am so sorry I’ve been inconsistent in the blog. I did have a flash of brilliance this week and decided to start today. Since you are far away as I am piecing together the wedding I thought maybe I could do a post a week about wedding planning. It might be something we can point to when friends get married – and you can write your ideas, tips, things you remember about getting married. It’d be nice to have all my resources in one place, stored, for reference. Good old blog to the rescue. My favorite piece of advice so far has been the text you sent me last week

“About weddings…. And the whole wanting it to be Pinterest perfect. Honestly, just keep it simple. The best thing that can happen is for you not to be stressed. And you know you have a great photographer in place so don’t overthink the rest. The pictures will be beautiful if you are acting natural and have the maximum amount of time to simply interact with the people you love. Don’t think of it as one day either… it’s the entire week so you don’t have to freak out that it’s one day to make or break the whole thing.” – the wise old B

I have to be honest. That has been a big struggle in planning this wedding. I want it to be perfect. I have to keep pulling myself back form that. It’s not about having the best party that anyone’s ever had. It’s about celebrating the “new life” of a family being born (someone said that to me the other day and I really like the image of hope and joy that comes with “new life.”) I have to keep thinking it’s not about impressing the people I love, it’s about wanting the people I love to have so much fun. It’s all about where the motivations are coming from. If I just want to have that pinterest wedding – bleh. That’s no fun for anyone. Joel and I end up disagreeing over details and I won’t compromise because it’s not exactly how I pictured. But if I remember it’s our wedding and it’s just going to be a fun day then there’s a lot more room for compromise, excitement and fun times planning.

So over the next few months I want to share the process of planning but not obsess. I want to share thoughts, ideas, get your thoughts, and hear what our readers are thinking! I bet you guys have tons of wise words and I look forward to hearing from you!

Much Love,


P.S. You just sent me this text and this is why I love you so much. I’d just told you I was working on the blog and this was your response:

“ I am ashamed…. We skipped town. We were sitting in a sunbeam on our floor and we were like, “let’s go to DC” and we threw our toiletries in a backpack and grabbed a giant bag of oranges and hit the road. We just ran into old friends from Chicago! You know that coffee place we went to with the pretty Italian pottery in Chicago? The owner just opened a new location here! And they remembered us!”

What a happy day! You are my favorite!