Traveling Large with Holes in Our Shoes

by Brittany

making: lists of things to do in Richmond--you know, to light the winter nights.

seeing: my suitcase and shoulder bag stuffed to the gills yet, incredibly, clasped tight.

tasting: almond butter from the jar...again. I should really diversify my lunches but you got to empty the cupboards before moving so diverse lunches will be part of what lights my winter... and fall.

hearing: old Armenian men talking casually and loudly to each other. Also a little boy calling down the steps to his grandmother, "where are you going?!" "A la farmacia!" "where???"  "La farmacia!" "oh" "good bye, mi amor!" was heart meltingly sweet. Oh and Charlotte Gainsbourg... so no english at all in fact! 

feeling: belly full of wiggles cause I'm excited to leave LA but a bit sad to leave my lone summer! I realized yesterday that apart from a few days of visitors I never met or hang out with a single soul other than Jesse all summer long. So wonderful! Also the holes in my shoes.

reading: Doris Lessing's Four Gated City... I oddly had never thought of her apart from her short story, Sunrise on the Veld, from freshman English class. I am so glad to have discovered her novels... I'm not very far into it but it's lovely so far. And the copy is soft and dog eared and the beautiful 70's paperback covers I love... also it's proper tome sized... like five or six inches thick and was only 3 dollars at my favorite bookstore in LA. It's technically the last in it's series but the first in the series was less than an inch thick and twice as much so I decided that I've never really let order rule me in the past and that I have a long flight and a 20 hour train ride coming up and I really need something good and long to keep me busy. Aside from Finnegan's Wake.... and all the other books my mom brought. I like to travel large as far as books go.

loving: our nomadic life... and the pleasurable thrill of not knowing where in the world we'll be in nine months... and yet having a place to burrow for a winter again is wonderful too. (I know its just the beginning of August and that I am setting myself up to be bitterly disappointed by finding the hottest bits of the southern summer yet to come in Richmond... but the summer feels over in so many other ways!)

watching: To The Wonder... now I hated Tree of Life vicerally and passionately and still do. So I didn't even consider watching this movie until we finished all our shows and it somehow popped up on my radar. So I read the spoilers for it and decided it may, possibly, be a different breed of movie. And it was. And is. Terrance Malick is still weirdly obsessed with spinning women but this woman is darker and moodier and a far deeper and vaster being then anyone in Tree of Life (to be fair Ben Affleck and whoever that other girl is in this movie are pretty terrible...thankfully they are so bland they are easy to ignore). Also I want Olga to narrate my life. In French. No subtitles.

anticipating: our TRAIN RIDE!!!! seriously... I am like a little boy about trains. Maybe cause of my rail riding, Oakie of a grampie (you know, like, maybe it's in my blood?)... or maybe because people who don't get thrillingly excited by a train lead soulless and sad existences... or maybe they just didn't read enough British mysteries growing up. That's it. Because Jesse (probably due to his very recent twenty five hour bus ride...I keep telling him trains cannot even compare to greyhound busses) is the opposite of excited and I know for a fact his life is not sad... I mean, I am his WIFE!