Ukrainian Village

by Brittany

It was a blustery, cold and slightly drizzly day around here in Ukrainian Village. We planned on going alley walking after we dropped poor little Fletcher off at the shop (not feeling too good this morning) but I was underdressed so we beelined it for Knockbox Cafe. There we spent the afternoon talking about schools mainly and looking at this website which we find hilarious but if you're not familiar with Chicago you may not be as amused. So here are some shots from the way may recognize this route!


Who knew bricks could look this amazing?! Sadly I don't think this is the finished product...


Doorway to nowhere...this building is so beautiful and so deadly...


Also they finally made us a poster! Sums it up nicely... also its the best neighborhood in Chicago:

source: Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters

source: Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters