Up To Now

by Brittany in ,


1. one of the last beams of light to touch our things before they were boxed up for the summer. 2. I taught myself/I found a really good app and I used it nearly daily and got cool back muscles until we packed up our sheepskin. And now my floor space is exactly five feet by two feet... anyone know if it is ok to do yoga on a mattress? Cause I can't wait to start again. 3. We ate lentils and cheese and drank wine for the last time (in Richmond) with our friend... and our friends from the coffee shop but... no pictures of that... 4. we got over-eager on our packing and finished way to soon. So we sat around and waited for graduation. Cause some smart guy jumped the gun and got a job suuuuper early. 5. Jesse (the afore-mentioned smart one) graduated. 6. more waiting. This time for my jobs to finish. 7. We made it to NEW YORK CITY! 8. We found this little tea shop the first traumatic visit to nyc (the one with the possessed cat, 110 degree weather, no AC, weird $35 a night couch in Brooklyn for the two of us, and all the upside down crosses decorating the blood red walls).  Anyways, we stumbled into this little basement shop and it was so cool and the tea was so refreshing and it may have been the first glimmer that ended up with us moving here. Physical Graffiti, East Village. Go there. 9. and 10. my favorite (so far) bookstore is conveniently across the street from the tea shop. 11. my "cream" swirled like all the cool real cream drinking people's cold brews do! 12. My new favorite drink: not sure what it's called but it's Contratto Aperitif on ice topped off with prosecco and an orange wedge. And this whole scene pictured here? It was a free tasting... we and our friends got four drinks total for $0.00... none of this tiny pour at the very bottom of the glass... an entire cocktail. That wine shop, called, incidentally and delightfully, Wine Shop, is now my favorite. They also wrote the prices of wines and liquors right on the bottles with a chalk pen... it looked gorgeous. 13. our new room... It's a picture of our bed because that's nearly all there is! But who needs space when you live in New York City?!