Update from Seattle - June was a bust.

by Chelle

Writing from Seattle it seems only right to be talking about the weather. We are midway through July and there was one sunny week in April. Since then it been rain and gray. Enough to make me want to move away.

But instead, I think of you walking the streets of New York, eyes masked with the type of sunglasses models use to go incognito, and then throw on my equally incognito-esque sunglasses and head out the door, pretending it’s summer. Of Course the days I wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt, it rises to above 80, while the days I wear my sandals it rains. 

I'll write you with a more upbeat post. It'll probably be in October. I'll talk about how lovely all the leaves are, and how nice it is to have cool decisive weather.  Indecisively and gloomily stuck between summer and fall. 


Your Seattle Chelle