Washington to California

by Brittany

1. on our anniversary we returned to the seminary on the cliff in Tacoma where we got married... a much sunnier day this year! This is the spot we would have been married in (and where my parents were married) if it hadn't been a freak thunderstorm! 2. We followed signs for Big Tree... because Jesse had heard stories about it from his childhood neighbor and seen it when he drove down the coast. It was big. 3. We were so relieved to be out of the deep dark redwoods and mountainous switchbacks so we took two pictures of us and our trusty new car (Jesse and my brother Desmond worked super hard to make sure it wouldn't send us plunging off Highway 1). Her name is under debate currently... I thought The Countess seemed suitable but Jesse thinks it's far too impersonal. So I'll keep you posted. 4. We got to see all the places Jesse lived (we started at the tip top of Washington, in Port Townsend and drove down to Los Angeles... I think we should drive on down to Mexico to finish the job. We'll see. So we stopped in Portland for a few days, then Ashland, OR, then Arcata, CA, then San Francisco and Morro Bay, CA. We got to meet Mia's sweet little family... new baby Arlo (the brightest eyed baby ever!) and her husband Rex! And stay in a trailer! 5. And we made it to LA... we've been here for a week and a half now and have lived in two places already! We're in for a real nomadic summer! And I couldn't be more thrilled about it.