Wedding Day | The Details Part 1

by Chelle

I remember the details of your wedding B! They were so special and perfect. Do you remember walking to the farmers market in the morning to get the bridal bouquets? Or hanging spark plug mobiles from the trees outside? They were fantastic. 

Remember the post about wedding party inspiration? Well it worked! Everyone did a great job and all the details came together. One of my favorite memories from the day was seeing how the bridesmaids and the groomsmen looked so well matched! Everyone chose their own wardrobe and look at the result! B, can't believe you found yours for $2. It was perfect! Melissa did the flowers and they were stunning. We sat down and worked out that I wanted lots of green and white and pussy willow (because that was my favorite tree to climb when I was little). 

Photo Credit:  Andria Lindquist   Flowers:  Melissa Cushman

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist  Flowers: Melissa Cushman

Props to the men for sticking to the color pallet and choosing textures! Loved it. 

Photo Credit:  Andria Lindquist  

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist 

Remember when I visited you and Jesse and we went to that fantastic old antique shop with the slate tiles. That's where I found a stack of linen hand embroidered napkins. It took months of visiting thrift stores, antique shops, hours of washing and ironing, but by May I had 200 mismatched vintage napkins. I couldn't do this with all the details but I did find someone who could. Vintage Ambiance. This is an awesome Seattle based company that rents vintage things for weddings (and well anything else you'd want it for). We rented the silverware, and it was the same price as normal table settings what a treat. It looked lovely! 

Photo Credit:  Andria Lindquist   Cutlery:  Vintage Ambiance

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist  Cutlery: Vintage Ambiance

Eucalyptus sprigs scattered through the tables with babies breath incorporated the wispy romantic feel my wedding dress with the details of the reception. I chose eucalyptus because it's australian and also grows in California where Joel grew up.  

Photo Credit:  Andria Lindquist   Cake: Tracy Grant Cake Topper: Ellen Mauro 

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist  Cake: Tracy Grant Cake Topper: Ellen Mauro 

The wedding cakes were so pretty. The chocolate ones were gluten free for Joel and the white one was a lemon vanilla cream creation of all sorts of goodness! 

Poet:  Matt Rowe 

Another one of my favorite details from the day was the gift for guest. We had Matt Rowe - an on demand poet- sit with his typewriter and compose poems for whoever wanted one. We never vetted him so had no idea what type of poems he would write- but they were brilliant! Did you get one??