Weekend Links

by Brittany


Hello All!

We are so excited about how the giveaway is going and absolutely love hearing about all your fall fashion favorites!   You still have till tomorrow night to comment and win! But make sure you comment on the Fall Giveaway post, not this one! You can still comment on this one and share your favorite links, though! Please do!

Chelle's Links: 

Favorite blogger this week: Jenny Linquist  I love this photography style and get lots of ideas from it! 

Favorite Pandora station: Brown Eyed Girl- Perfect Fall driving music!

Favorite pinner/board this week: For The Little Things

Brittany's Links: 

I've been really enjoying reading this blog and this blog... they are all about living simply and homes and kids and crafts and all that good stuff that a nanny needs to think about! I've been thinking about homes a lot lately... nannying and being a part of tons of different homes will do that to you... perhaps I'll do a post on that soon.

Our Sunday morning theme song:


We were walking through an alley a few weeks ago and heard this song coming from someone's backyard and we were captivated (not sure how we had missed it before). Jesse actually tiptoed up to the fence and shazam-ed it... yup, we're pretty creepy. What makes it more creepy is that the person (who we never saw, by the way) was sitting poolside! But at the same time, what an idyllic Saturday afternoon they must have been having.

Fall looks: 

Currently I love shorts with sheer black nylons... its so simple and really elongates legs (a big bonus for someone as short as me)! This summer I didn't pack any pants and just added nylons when the weather got chillier. I saved so much space that way, especially since I only needed the extra warmth for about five days out of the two months we were backpacking (I'm looking at you, Paris). Unfortunately, the weather here is anything but fallish so I'll just have to wait till I can bust out this sort of thing.

But nail polish is another story! As Chelle mentioned, black is my all the time nail color for the past year... I just can't get over it! I love how unfussy it is. Plus, it really compliments my skin color... why fix what works?!

This fabric website is completely addicting... so so many talented designers! But Holli Zollinger is my favorite right now. 

Well, that's all for now, folks!  Much love from both of us! 

P.S. the photo is of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago (fun fact: up until 2008 the Merchandise Mart was so huge it had its own zip code! One building had its own zip code...that's crazy, guys).  Can you tell I'm missing living in a real city?