Wet Pavement + AICP

by Brittany

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Lately it's been raining lots and it's so refreshing! For some reason the sound of traffic on wet pavement helps me pretend that we still live in a big city... oh and also home! The emergency room directly outside all my windows helps too. But I must say, it's the sleepiest emergency room I have ever been around. And trust me, I have four brothers... I've seen my fair share of emergency rooms, including a "free" one in Chicago (to quote the nurse that sent me there, "They may send you a bill but don't worry, no one ever pays!"). 

Tonight the man and I went to the AICP awards ceremony (best ads of 2013) at our local Byrd Theater (complete with original Wurlitzer organ which is still played every Saturday showing and $1.99 tickets... it deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned!). Honestly, I thought it was going to be a bit boring but once the commercials started showing I was completely blown away! Apparently someone in the 70s said that advertising would be the greatest art form of our century and I'm mostly convinced after tonight! There is so much great stuff out there just from this year alone! So here are a list of my personal favorites and links... watch them and see if you agree that it's an art form.

First up is "Best Job" by Wieden+Kennedy Portland... just try not to tear up!  It won the most awards and, I think, rightly so.

 "The Chase", complete with high speed car chase, jousting and mustard all in one two minute clip, is worth every second. Watch it now and you are welcome! 

I loved "Surfing" because it reminded me of what my French roommates always told me... that it's always better to be out than to stay in. They said it much better and so does this ad! Jesse, for the record, did not like this one.

I don't like sports at all but this was beautiful: "Born Into It"  

"Three Little Pigs" is a level of brilliancy on par with the show Newsroom... It's such a great window into our own culture!  

And finally these ones get very honorable mention: "Our Blades are F*king Great", "Wake Up" (loved just how very Chicago this was!), "Protect Yourself" (so many layers here, folks!), "Beer Chase" (so well done).  

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