by Brittany


So one of the goals for this summer is to collect a series of window gazers... we'll see how it turns out but so far I already have one, so that's hopeful for the rest of the trip!

Every Sunday, one of the streets in the Lower East Side is closed to traffic and turns into a street market. This lady was just sitting watching the hubbub below her and she looked so beautiful!

I love the concept of window gazing; I'm sure a large part of it is because it's something I find myself doing a lot of and we always like the things we do ourselves (well mostly). I love that people stop and do nothing for a while... that is a lost art. The ability to sit still and simply wonder at all there is around you. Perhaps she's making up stories in her head about the people below, or perhaps she's lost in her own thoughts and not even thinking about the view, but the simple act of sitting by a window and looking out gives her a chance to escape for a while from her own world. If she were facing inward she would be open to talk and involvement inside, facing outward she has created a small oasis for herself. Or perhaps she's just really lonely and there is no one else in there and that is why she looks outside.

On that happy note... we arrived safely in Aix. It smells just like it used to and we walked down our street, Chelle, and saw your balcony. My door had a sign on it saying it was under construction, so that's a bit sad. I'm sure they'll be changing my room a bit! Right now I am sitting by an open window in our teensy tiny rooftop studio loft just off Cours Mirabeau... its glorious! Jesse's got himself a nice cold, so we're praying he's better by morning so we can really start scrambling all over town! Our wonderful Airbnb host left us a bottle of rosé and told us we can sit on the rooftop outside the window... so I'm looking forward to a combination of those two delightful things!!