Roadtrips and Pier's End

by Chelle

As you can see Seattle has been true to it's reputation and well... rainy. Great idea for a rainy day? Day trip to Portland. It may have been a date. 


A good sound track makes everything better ! 


Coffee and brunch after the 3 hour drive got the day off to a great start


Bookstores and Hemingway 


More coffee and books


Antique shops ! 

No rules for a day trip. Just find a city and go!



So we are pretending its spring here and we've decided it's warm enough to go to the beach. We've been twice now and both times it's been completely magical, albeit a bit lonesome. But hey! that's how a date should be, right? There's just something about a pier... one is just compelled to walk to the very end and at the very end is a very nice place to sit and stay awhile. The first time we went we decorated our future laundry room (apartments with no laundry will do weird things to your daydreams)-- its going to have a blue water colored ceiling-- and sang each other songs. This time I don't actually remember what we talked about. It was nice though. And very adventurous, I don't know if you can tell but the pier was covered in what looked like snow but turned out to be mounds and mounds of ice shards. Needless to say, we ventured where no joggers dared go. 

by Jesse

by Jesse

Life Aquatic hat credit goes to my lovely mom and her knitting skills.


 Daffodils (to prove to the ice bergs that it's spring), tea, and kisses. 

by Jesse

by Jesse